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Nicola Piovesan (aka: chaosmonger) is an Italian filmmaker and multimedia artist living in Finland. He was born in April 1979 in Venice. He moved to Bologna in 1999 where he graduated in Cinema in 2004.  He begun to make his first videos in 2001 that have, for now, been screened in about 70 festivals worldwide, winning more than 30 awards. Since 2005 he has worked as a freelance collaborating with various production houses and private clients and continuing to produce independent short films, documentaries, music videos, and much more. In 2008 he started teaching Cinema in a high school in Como which lead him to move to Milan. In the fall of 2011 he left teaching and moved to Helsinki, Finland where he lives up to date continuing his work as a filmmaker and visual artist.
Website: www.chaosmonger.com
Vimeo channel: vimeo.com/chaosmonger/videos

The author met Voivod after show in Helsinki, where he spoke with the drummer Michel. The two begun to exchange e-mails in which Nicola proposed to make an animated video for the band. Officially work started early March 2013 after the release of Nicola’s latest project, THE CORE, for the Italian band ON|OFF|MAN (http://youtu.be/ZUZhN9Nyp6Q), which both Michel and the other band members found interesting.
The idea for the video - that is for the title track Target Earth - is to recreate in 3D Motion Graphics the visions and artwork of Michel-Away. The whole universe of the video is robotic: the Earth itself is revised as a cyber planet. The main character, alone in an empty room, is handling a strange kind of computer, which appears to control the entire planet. But his alienated existence is surrounded by strange visions, surreal characters of his mind, as well as the members of Voivod inside a box playing the song.
Nicola is working on all aspects of the video,  creation of models, animation and finally the rendering.

The band would like to thanks personally NICOLA PIOVESAN (AKA: CHAOSMONGER) for his hard work on the video clip.
Please visit his website : www.chaosmonger.com

A donation would be very appreciated.

Why donate? Why not? He’s done a great job. If you loved the artwork, he’d be really happy if you’d contribute. Nicola made the video for free, just because he loves the band and for some visibility. However, even just to cover the electricity costs and the damaged equipment, all donations are very welcome. Moreover, those donating more than $ 30 will receive a high resolution custom image of the donator’s choice.

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